design & installation of smart home systems

How we work


It all starts with a meeting and a coffee... either at your home, your office, on site, or at our demonstration facility in Holland Park.

We will discuss your thoughts and objectives, take notes and scribble details on a copy of your plans.


From here, Brandon will produce a detailed and transparent estimate listing every plug, socket, cable and connector – you’ll not find any miscellaneous sundries on our paperwork...

This first estimate brings together your wish-list – whether it’s a dedicated home cinema in the Attic Playroom, Wi-Fi coverage of the Garden Office, or a discrete TV in the Kitchen – all items are listed..

From here we expect to make a few changes – adding features, removing others, until we reach a point at which you are happy.


At this stage, the project is handed to Ian who will produce the relevant documentation for the various trades involved – he will calmly and professionally ensure that the end-product is delivered by working closely with all aspects of the build team, from the architect, site agent, electrician and joiner; providing detailed specifications in the form of drawings and designs, elevations and sections, to ensure that everyone involved is aware of what is required.

We take this part of our work very seriously, and it is what sets us apart from our competition.

Thorough cable tests are conducted throughout the installation process, to ensure all cables are present and working as expected.


Once the installation is complete, we will teach you and your family how to use all aspects of your new audio-visual system, but it doesn’t end there...

We’re proud to say that nearly all of our customers are long-term clients - we are always on hand for any advice and future visits, as and when necessary.

But don’t just take our word for it – we have clients who would be more than happy to discuss all aspects of our work with you.